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I recently purchased the following three (3) box sets of public domain movies from Amazon.com:

Family Collection 250 Movie Pack

Horror 250 Movie Pack

Mystery 250 Movie Pack

That's 750 movies! And yes, over the next year or so I will be watching ALL of them. I watch 1-3 per day and they are such a joy to me that I decided I must share these treasures with the world.

What originally attracted me to these movies is:

1. they are free to watch on the internet

2. they are black and white classic films

3. the behavior, manners, and dress of the characters is FAR superior and so much classier than anything Hollywood does today. Even murder is done with style.

4. Sometimes there are moments in these films that are hilarious and that makes the movie worth watching.

5. Occasionally there is a true dramatic gem that is a really good film.

6. I've learned where certain tidbits or sayings of our culture started from.

So, I will be reviewing these movies as I go and hopefully the rest of the world will find as much value and joy in my reviews as I find in these movies.

Since these films are Public Domain movies they are free for everyone to watch. The catch is that not every Public Domain film is available online yet. The best advice I can give is to use a search engine to find where it is available. I do have a few sites that I have watched many movies on already, so I know there's no threat of spyware or viruses there. However, just because I didn't have a problem doesn't mean you won't and I am not responsible for damage to your computer if you download something, of course. Resources I like:





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